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Why do i see people complaining they have to now pay for a yearly subscription for speed cameras to be on their units and the box and instructions say this is for life?
I am looking at the TomTom pro 6200 and pro 6250.

Are they lifetime or is this a scam to take money from people then charge them once they buy the unit


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    Hi @stealthmode666

    On the UK Website the Tomtom GO6200 Pro clearly states that Traffic and Cameras are provided for 1 year and so after that the continued service will be subject to a cost. The GO6250 Pro does not indicate a time restraint and I suspect that means the additional purchase cost is securing Lifetime Services.

    Regarding the Lifetime claim being a scam be aware that Tomtom are still honouring the provision of Lifetime maps on old devices that have been declared obsolete but were sold with that offer. The devices that have been declared obsolete are those with very limited internal memory, up to circa 2gb, and in many cases no facility to add extra memory. Since those devices were sold the maps have got considerably bigger, for example the Europe map is now around 9gb. The units you are interested in have 16gb of internal memory and the ability to add up to 32gb of extra memory.

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    what a croak of lies.
    You deliberately destroy clocks via an update on older units, knowing full well they will not work with-out the internal clock, including mine and others who still have the XXL and you are being sued in the US for telling us all lies and greed of charging that was NOT and never was mentioned in any selling, until AFTER the person bought the unit, some months or years down the road.

    So I am calling you liars to your face, as this is all you are.
    Nasty, greedy liars, who are being sued for there lies and deception.

    Will buy Garmin since you are liars and greedy thieves, as the public gave you all the data of speed cameras etc, and you then turned round and charged the public for the service they went out of there wy to help you maintain and gather.
    Greed, greed, and darn greed, and lies.

    Show me on the box, where in big writing along with the functions and things the units can do it states ONLY 1 year free.
    It states as you say, trial period on the cheaper models, but just says nothing or free for life updates as your website offered me an updated device to my unit at 30% off, to pay for a new device..

    Thius is blatent waste, NOT green, but damaging the earth, by making millions more devices that do not need to be made in order that your greed can carry-on in the face of the world trying to save ther planet.

    So I guess as a company you have no care for the world, or the people, just the greed of a greedy company and share-holders.
    and you know fine this is nothing to de with helping people, or the planet, but pure and simple greed, greed and more greed..