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TT Rider 550 Bluetooth mobile phone wohnt connect

normie60normie60 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
I have a Rider 550 since two years and have never gotten the bluetooth handsfree feature to work. In the meantime I have upgraded from a S5 Samsung to an S10+ and still the feature won’t work. So I tested it on the old Rider Pro, and wollah it works first time. I have followed the instructions in MDrive carefully, even deleted all Bluetooth profiles on the phone and navi first and performed a reset of the navi before pairing, but still no joy.. It is 2 years since I have acquired the navi and and still no joy, consequently my frustration level has reached exponential levels.

I am sure it’s not the phone because the only navi functions fine. So it can only be a problem with MyDrive.

Please help



  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 896 [Revered Pioneer]
    write to customer care
  • normie60normie60 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    My TT Rider 550 does not allow Bluetooth data traffic and other services connection with any ( Samsung s10, and S5 or Iphons 8) mobile phone. Even after a hard reset on both the TT Rider 550 and the phone and even after reinstalling MDrive App, still no joy.

    The result is that telephone functions do not work.

    Please advise.

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