Rider 400 routing issues

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Because if I tell my Rider 400 navigator to avoid unpaved roads when I do an exciting route, it always ends up getting me on an unpaved road at the end, it seems like a failure and in turn another failure I see is that it puts you inside of the towns without need

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    reset factory
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    Welcome to the site....
    Maybe It's something similar to the Rider device....
    'Thrill route' + 'Unpaved roads' compromise (See Below)

    Tomtom Rider devices....
    Reported Problem = 'Avoid on every route' + 'Unpaved roads' is ignored....
    I recall this as being a compromise to a 'No Route Possible' error
    When the Thrill route option was introduced, in certain circumstances where a user had set 'Avoid on every route' + 'Unpaved roads', the device reported 'No Route possible'... When in fact there was a route possible but using 'Unpaved roads'