Maps take at least 30 to 40 mins to be displayed TomTom carminat

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Hi to all,

I have a renault clio 2012 dymanique with built in tomtom carminat.
when i have used my car over the weekend and the car has been in use for over 30 mins my maps appear and the satnav can then be used as normal.
before this time the clock symbol is displayed with the temp as normal.
during this time i can hear the usual map alerts (eg speed cameras etc) but no maps are displayed until apbut 20 to 30 mins in the morning.

If the car is switched off after this time the display go's straight to the map screen as normal.

Can anyone offer any help regarding this issue as it is becoming very annoying as the satnav cannot be used until about 20 to 30mins.
Is it trying to update and upload info to the tomtom servers.

I should mention that I no longer have the Hd Traffic option as the built in sim has been deactivated on the satnov before i purchased the car.

any help would be greatly appreciated as this is becoming a real pain and would like to use the satnav straight away after switching on my car.

many thanks to all



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    Hi @Basshunter
    Difficult to say if this is actually a software or an application issue. I would advise a clean restoration of the application and maps, steps available on our support article.

    If the restoration does not fix the issue, then it's best to get in touch with the car dealer to seek further advice.

    The SIM in the device is probably deactivated; the previous subscription for LIVE services ended back in 2013. Unfortunately, the SIM can't be reactivated, so you can contact our customer service to raise a refund request.

    You can read more about the SIM deactivation process here-