"old" Speed Cameras are disappearing

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For years I have noticed that speed cameras keep disappearing even though they are still active! I have even reported this several times. TomTom said it will update every 14 days! HaHa .. If the speed cameras are almost rusty, but still in operation, why are they reported for years and then suddenly no longer ??? on what basis is the database maintained? I now know 15 speed cameras that are no longer "reported" although they are active! That's why I switched to SCDB at the time. they are absolutely up to date. Unfortunately, POI management is still awful at TomTom


  • VikramK
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    Hi @Sealstamp
    Does the disappearance of speed cameras happens for a specific region or is it for all the route you travel?
    Do you see this happening more often after performing a map update?

    A factory reset in most cases fixes the issue with speed camera alerts not working. Have you tried that already?

    To get more accuracy with speed camera alerts, it's important that you drive along a planned route.

  • Sealstamp
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    Hello Vikram, I keep noticing that. among others: the following data B53.707241, L9.120690 / Cuxhavener Straße 32-40 / Postcode 21745 / Hemmoor / Germany! has been run over several times in the last few days, works and is in operation. I don't always drive on the planned route and still want to be warned! Greeting Joachim