When posting special offers to my email address why are the specifications not given for the models?

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For instance Posting special offer discounts on dashcams is worthless without confirmation of FREE lifetime updates and I will not respond to offers that have potential hidden extra costs in the future. .


  • VikramK
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    Hi @PeteThorp
    We don't send promotional offers with hidden costs.
    If a model interests you, then the specification can be checked on our product page.

    Once you select a model you should be able to see the applicable price, features, coverage and specifications for the device.

    Including all this information in one promotional/marketing email would make it look quite lengthy. Instead, the purpose is to keep it short, there by keeping our customers informed about the new release.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • PeteThorp
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    I have just checked the model GO Premium X featured on the promotional update email and the spec is;

    Traffic and Speed Camera Alerts
    World Maps
    TomTom Services via built-in SIM
    Updates via Wi-Fi®
    Road Trips by TomTom

    FREE lifetime updates specified, so from your previous comment I have to presume that all Map, and Traffic Speed Camera updates have to be paid for,

    Pete Thorp