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Make a function, incorrect limits of 3.5 tons.

Make it a function for the truck drivers to mark that there is no sign forbidden for the trucks, because I had to drive on dangerous mountains and and risk foreign cargo, where it was simply possible to drive on a straight road. Because as far as I understand the municipalities have given you information, but that information is wrong and it puts the drivers in a bad position. I don’t know where you get the data from, but 30.40% of it is wrong with tractor restrictions. I think a feature is needed to be able to mark truck drivers where there are incorrect signs with 3.5 tons.nh45cbzslbat.jpg


  • DartixzsDartixzs Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    or you can follow the drivers and if they pass there many times, it is a fact that you can drive there and that sign is wrong. The system could then ask, as with the radars, if there is a sign and if there is no removal of the restriction with the 3.5 tonne tag.
  • DartixzsDartixzs Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    There are a few signs in this place, the total weight allowed is 62 tons and it leads in a detour, there is a good passing road I have to drive on a bad road because tomtom does not understand that it is possible to drive here. It says 62ton total and 24 ton can be loaded and she thinks 24 ton more can’t be driven and we have to bother on bad roads.
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