Why does my TOMTOM GO CAMPER not connect with my iPhone via bluetooth

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I am absolutely shure I am doing all things right to connect my Iphone with the tomtom mydrive app with my new tomtom go camper. The iphone says he's connected. I have installed my Iphone on TOM TOm Go Camper. Bluetooth does not connect anymore after the first time I installed my iPhone. So wha't to do????


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    Hi @Harry_Vedder_8

    Since the introduction of IOS13 the use of the MyDrive App as part of the Bluetooth Process is no longer possible. So now delete all Pairing info from the Go Camper and your IPhone and try the following Pairing process.

    Go into your IPhones Settings and turn its Personal Hotspot On. Do not do any more than have the setting as On. Now go to Settings Bluetooth on the IPhone and on the Go Camper and pair the device as you did before but at no time involve the MyDrive App in the process. The phone and TT unit will pair and although you have Personal Hotspot On you will not be asked for its Password nor will it show on your Go Camper as connected via Wifi.

    Now the two will connect via Bluetooth and when the units are working you must have Personal Hotspot turned On. If at any stage you fail to turn on the PH or turn it off when you are working with the Go Camper then the Bluetooth Link will fail.

    The changes introduced by IOS13 mean that the inability to use MyDrive means that you will not be able to use Messaging with the Go Camper but Traffic and Handsfree still function.