G0 520 won't charge,

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I recently purchased a Professional 520, the unit charged up and I managed to add my phone etc. when I put it in the truck and connected to the USB it failed to charge. I took it home and put it back on charge for at least two hours but it failed to reboot. I then took it back to the shop where it was purchased and was supplied with a replacement. Guess what: Exactly the same thing has happened. What am i DOING WRONG?


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    Hi @Firestorm1961

    If you are saying that when you installed the unit in your Truck you connect it to a USB socket then the power output from the socket is not sufficient to Run and Fully Charge the unit. You must connect the unit using the supplied Cig Charger which is designed to power and charge the unit during use.

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    Thanks Doug.
    Yes I was using the supplied cig charger supplied but this would still not charge the unit. I have had it on charge over night on a wall socket with USB fitted but it is still dead. Not happy tbh, I have a Garmin Zumo for my M/C that has never failed me and has taken me all over Europe, this Tom Tom can't even last a day. I will be taking this one back to the shop later today... Not sure what I will be getting but it won't be another one for sure.