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I am unable to delete or add music to my watch. It is stuck on three songs. I have done a factory reset and deleted the file of music on my computer . Nothing works. suggestions.


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    A factory reset will not clear the music on the watch, it is on a separate drive. You can go through the music tab in Connect (hit the music note button on the main screen and it takes you to the playlists). However, it is not always possible to delete from there (if the playlist has changed it only gives an option to update, not delete). In this case, you can go through File Explorer and navigate to the watch (it will be listed as a drive) and delete everything in the Music folder ([drive letter]\MySportConnect\Music). This will clear all playlists from the watch. Once you have deleted all the files in the Music folder you need to close the Connect software (right click in the notification area and pick exit on Windows, not sure the exact procedure on Mac) and reopen it and it will reanalyze the watch storage. Factory resets of the watch will not impact watch storage the only way to do that is through a File Explorer window.