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Hello All,

I'm looking for a smartphone navigation app that allows me to follow routes with various waypoints (or stops in TomTom language :) ) that tells me the distance to the next waypoint, either in Kilometres or in time. It seems that TomTom Go Navigation App is able to do it, but only if I create the route with stop points directly in my smartphone. If I use the TomTom MyDrive route planner web site to create my routes with stop points, the stop points I add do not get transferred into my smartphone. The route gets synchronized with the smartphone but it only contains the start and end points, not the stop points.

As you can imagine, planning routes directly on the smartphone is a pain. Specially , when there is a web site like MyDrive route planner that allows you to plan a route in a big computer monitor and then just synchronize it with the smartphone. Its a shame that the stop points along the route are not synchronized...

Is this a known problem that is being worked out or is this just the way the navigation app works, and sending/synchronizing routes with stop points is just not possible ?
Does anyone have a workaround for this limitation ?

Many thanks in advance.


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    Hi @JohnyOnRoad

    Welcome to the Community! Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the limitations mentioned. You can sync route with waypoints from MD, but waypoint won't be depicted in the app. The route will be properly synced in terms of the shape, but waypoints won't be there in the app.

    We will take these into consideration as improvements for upcoming releases.

    Best, lampard