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No indication of traffic congestion on M25 last night

nigelbbbnigelbbb Posts: 55 [Renowned Trailblazer]
I'm in the UK & was driving northward on the M25 approaching the Dartford crossing last night. There were advance warning signs of a 30 minute delay between junctions 4->2 but no warning at all from TomTom. Assuming all was well I followed the satnav but when I hit the congestion there was no indication on the screen of the congestion & the arrival time just keep being delayed. It was annoying that no alternative route was proposed but if the congestion wasn't seen maybe that wasn't surprising.

I am running iOS 14.6 & just updated to TomTom Go Navigator 2.6.1. All was well previously.

Was this some temporary glitch with Traffic or has my app fallen victim to the mysterious failure of the TomTom Traffic service that others have been describing on this forum?

How can I confirm whether Traffic is working?


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,440
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    On the Traffic bar... The Two little cars displayed with X means the Live Traffic is disconnected….
    Tap on the Direction of Traffic Icon above the + & -- signs....
    Pinch Zoom the Map out until you can see the Live Traffic Horizon (Red dots)
    Tap on the Direction of Traffic Icon again to return to the Driving View....

    Traffic Horizon (Red dots)
    (Your present location is at the centre of the Traffic Horizon)

    Stay Safe... ATB
  • nigelbbbnigelbbb Posts: 55 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    I have the red dots on the map & can zoom in to identify what the congestions is.

    I don't however have the two little cars & cross on the Traffic bar. In fact my Traffic bar looks quite different.
  • nigelbbbnigelbbb Posts: 55 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    The mystery as to why TomTom Traffic didn't notice the congestion or suggest an alternative route still hasn't been solved.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 7,972
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    Hi @nigelbbb

    The picture you have posted confirms Traffic is working when you were taking the picture. I would assume if your route involved using the Dartford Crossing that it would not suggest an alternative as via the Blackwall Tunnel or Woolwich Ferry etc would have taken longer than a 30 minute delay on your route.

  • nigelbbbnigelbbb Posts: 55 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    The point was that no congestion was shown & the predicted journey time was not extended but just keep being updated as though there were no congestion.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 242 [Exalted Navigator]
    Hi @nigelbbb

    This may be of relevance or a separate Traffic issue; but I have been evaluating a TomTom Go Discover the last month or so although it is not very hopeful so far. I will start a separate thread once I have reached a final conclusion.

    I was contemplating a journey from St. Albans to Meopham in Kent on Friday 4th June just before 4pm and plotting the route using MyDrive (PC version) I saw there was horrendous traffic on the M25 at Potters Bar, the M25 approaching the Dartford Crossing and even worse congestion on the Kent side of the Dartford crossing.

    I sent the destination to my Go Discover (located in our Dining room here in St. Albans and linked back to my IPhone to receive traffic data).

    The Go Discover recorded the Traffic on the Northern section of the M25 but nothing to the East of the M11 and certainly nothing in the Kent area, as you can see in the attached photo comparing the traffic to what MyDrive was showing. I double checked there was actual traffic by looking on Google Maps, Waze, Traffic England and even a relative who lives in the area who had just got back home after being stuck in horrendous traffic.


    As the Go Discover was not recording approximately an “hour’s delay” it was plotting a totally false route straight into the traffic jam. It may have been that as I progressed around the M25 it would have recalculated but as the traffic jam was approximately 20 miles from J27 turn off on the M25 to go onto the M11 which would have been an alternative route, it would have been too late.

    Meopham is approximately 35 miles from St. Albans and I worked out that my Go Discover was only showing approximately a 20 mile traffic circle horizon. (I have repeated a similar journey today and the Go Discover was detecting traffic approx. 28 miles away but not 30-35 miles. However my Go Camper & a Go Premium X was detecting the traffic at 35 miles distance, so my first thoughts are that it is an issue with the Go Discover and it gains yet another Black mark in my evaluation. :s

    But it may be of relevance and there is an issue with Traffic reception at or near the Dartford Crossing that affects certain devices or Apps in your case.
  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 242 [Exalted Navigator]
    I fired up the Tomtom Go App on my iphone about 16:55 and compared the traffic in the Orsett Area to what was showing on MyDrive (PC)...............

    Zero Traffic delays showing on the Iphone Go App versus a 28 minute delay captured by MyDrive B):s


    Based on this small sample, it does appear that traffic data in that area is not being reported correctly on either the Go iphone App or the Go Discover. :o
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,440
    Tomtom PND's have a Traffic Horizon dynamically centred (Live) from your present location...
    The Traffic Horizon (Bubble of about 50 Miles/80 Kilometres) travels in-front of and around your current location and travels along your route, as you progress on your journey and is constantly being refreshed every 2 Minutes...

    Currently, the journey time from Worcestershire to Liverpool (As in the example image) is 2hrs 14mins why would I want to know the Traffic info for more than 2 hours ahead, when the traffic Horizon (Bubble) travelling forward with me and constantly being refreshed every 2 Minutes....

    If you want World Live Traffic see the MyDrive Web Route planner
    There's also an option to turn-on and view the live Traffic flow

  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 242 [Exalted Navigator]
    It would be helpful if comments can be restricted to the topic of the lack of traffic delays reported on either the Go Discover or the Go app in and around the Dartford Crossing Area.

    I have been monitoring traffic delays reported in the Dartford Crossing area as seen correctly on MyDrive (PC) and my Go Camper and Go Premium X versus the Go Discover and the Tomtom Go IOS phone app.

    I have found that the Go Discover (and Go App) “loosely only reports” a 20 mile traffic radius when plotting a route from Bricket Wood / St. Albans to near the Dartford Crossing / Kent borders.

    This is using all the devices whilst sat static here in St. Albans and whilst I can find no official Tomtom statement as to the area of Traffic coverage for our TT devices, some users on the forum indicate there should be a 50 miles constantly moving traffic horizon. The Dartford Crossing area is approximately 30 miles away from my location:

    See the attached screen shot (using MyDrive PC as a base ) where I have crudely attempted to draw a traffic circle around my home location and today (mid-day) although my Go Camper and Go Premium X detected and reported traffic delays in the Dartford Crossing area the Go Discover did not!

    But the Go Discover did detect and report traffic delays on the M25 in the Leatherhead area which is ~a similar distance from my home location.


    Screen Shot Go Premium X


    Screen shot Go Discover


    In general Traffic Delays all last week have “not been reported (see my earlier post/screenshots above in this thread) on the M25 or near to the Dartford crossing using my Go Discover or the Go App, although from Sunday onwards there has been ‘some intermittent’ traffic indications reported.

    I have some questions for @Jürgen @lampard @VikramK

    1.Has there been a general lack of Traffic reporting in and near the Dartford Crossing area that appears to be only affecting the Go Discover and Go Phone (IOS) App?

    2.Is there an official Tomtom position on “what traffic coverage area” is reported on our PND Devices / Apps? If so, what is is please?

    3. Has the Go Discover and Go App a more limited range of traffic detection / reporting?

    4. Is there any other explanation as to why I am getting these issues? ( I have done both a soft reset and factory reset of the Go Discovery and re-paired my phone which has also been reset)

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