Tom Tom runner 3 screen showing nothing!

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I just charged my tomtom runner 3. It was at first only showing the time (but incorrect time) and when I charged it wouldn't do anything else and wouldn't sync with my phone. I just tried it syncing with my laptop and now it's completely died - nothing is showing on the screen of the watch at all, so it seems to have completely died and I can't try any of the reset suggestions from the website. What can I do? There seems to be no way of contacting Tomtom directly.


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    Try using the reset methods in the link below, starting from the top and see what happens. It could be a depleted battery as well. It works when plugged into the laptop as it is on main power but when you unplug it, it switches to the dead battery, You can replace the battery yourself, TT does not do it, you will need to Google instructions, get special tools, figure out what battery you need, purchase it, install it, etc. Frankly, you would probably be better off just getting a new watch; there are plenty of brands out there with better feature sets for less money these days (TT Sports went out of business over 3.5 years ago).