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Cable to connect to the socket, instead of to the battery

CesarprCesarpr Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
I want to buy a TomTom Rider 500. I see that, when you install it on your motorbike, the base you attach the device to has a small cable that also connects to a larger one that ends on two threaths. Those are to be connected to the motorbike battery.

However, my motorbike has a standard car socket located on the front, by the handlebar, so it would be much easier if there were a version of that larger cable ended on a standard plug for car sockets.

Yes, I could simply use the provided USB cable, and use any compatible USB car plug, but I wonder if the navigator would charge properly (it would be connected to the base at the same time, even if that one would not be providing any charge). Also, the solution would not look nice, with one USB cable, and the base cable at the same time.

Is there a version of that "battery cable" that, instead of being connected to the battery, can be connected to a socket?


  • CesarprCesarpr Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
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    Just an additional comment. If I wanted to use a normal car socket, with a USB cable, the solution would be far from being water proof, because I would have to open that small protector on the back, and connect the USB cable there.

    I think TomTom should provide a solution for those motorbikes that have electric sockets like those found on cars. My model, a brand new Triumph Tiger 900 GT has in fact 2 of those sockets, one by the handlebar, and another by the passanger´s seat.
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,677
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    The Rider 4xx/5xx mount >> MUST << be connected to a 12v supply there is a power adapter built into the Mount to drop the bikes 12v down to the required 5v....

    See this test for a user who wanted to use the 6v supply on a vintage bike....

    See... Tomtom User Guide... Installing the Rider 4xx.5xx Mount....
    Quote from the above link.......
    Important: The red POS (+) contact needs to be connected to the motorcycle's wiring loom at a point between the ignition and the +12V battery supply. The black NEG (-) wire needs to be connected to the motorcycle's wiring loom at a point between the ignition and the -(GND) battery supply. Attach to a 12V point that can be switched off by the ignition, such as the light circuit.

    End Quote...

  • CesarprCesarpr Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
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    Thanks for the comment above. But it would be better if there were a cable that, instead of ending on those POS+/NEG- wires, it ended into a car socket plug, it would ease the life of owners of motorbikes equipped with such sockets.

    As far as I know, those "cigarete lightining" sockets do also provide 12V, right?
  • CesarprCesarpr Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]

    Yes, it looks that the solution would be to attach a Car Power Plug at the end of the TomTom-provided cable. I would have to weldge the POS/NEG wires to the appropriate contacts inside that plug

    My only concern is to make it waterproof, as the socket is by the handlebar, and water might leak into the plug if not properly isolated. I may try to seal the entrance of the cables with a silicone pistol I have.

    Fortunately, I live on an very sunny area, and I will use the motorbike for recreational purposes only. So, if rain were to happen, I will probably avoid going out. Nevertheless, I have to do my best to make it water-proof.
  • FlookFlook Posts: 20 [Legendary Explorer]
    Having recently purchased a Rider 500 and found compatibility issues with my headset. The headset showed on the rider but not pairing. This has lead me to replace my headset.

    It also got me to thinking about other issues, I have been reading, well, glancing really at some of the headings if problems about what I would call the ‘Drop out syndrome’ where suddenly it seems to drop out of bluetooth.

    Now this is only my thoughts on this and not actually proven. If you have an older headset and a new sat nav, and you were able to pair up the two when you got the sat nav then in theory everything should be okay right…. Well not always, why! Technology does not work that way from older products to the newer ones, at first they might but as your headset gets older the bluetooth connection may get weaker and fail.

    If this is true, then one thing you can do is get your headset updated, if that cannot be done then it has to be replaced.

    Flook B)
  • FlookFlook Posts: 20 [Legendary Explorer]
    Cesarpar, I do not know much about Triumphs, but I have a BMW, and for sat nav it has a hidden socket under the fairing for that purpose. May I suggest you ask Triumph if there is something similar to this. Also my bike does have an outer mini socket that is out of the way but I don't use that at all.

    PS If that is there, ask them with is positive and negative.

    Flook B)
  • FlookFlook Posts: 20 [Legendary Explorer]
    Yamfazman, thanks for that info, very informative. Nice to know which is positive etc, save me getting out the volt meter some time.

    Flook B)
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