Why set up promotion but can't sort out problems? And don't blame the Pandemic!

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Back in December/January Tom Tom emailed me to say that my current device was worth about £110 and would give me that off a new unit. So I decided to accept this offer.

My question is this:
How come Tom Tom can pile money and resources into a promotion such as this yet they can't sort out the issues as many people obviously have with regards to their units, Traffic, GPS and Speed Cameras?

Working for a company who's IT Department can never be contacted (even ringing the Helpline number the message is "if your call is urgent please dial..." and tell you to call the number that you already have done!) I know what IT and Developers are like.

We are in 2021 and yet still even Tom Tom can't sort out these slight issues. My account (and several others on here) have Speed Camera Subscriptions due - even though we have life time subscriptions and updates anyhow. This is a glitch that has been there for months now and as such should have been rectified even during the pandemic.

Tom Tom can't keep blaming the current pandemic for these issues and delays, etc. as they had the time to do a promotion - so they ought to get these issues sorted.

In my opinion, Tom Tom are the best Sat Nav system out there - but they need to improve their Customer Support otherwise they will see a decline in their customers. Tom Tom support working from home should not give rise to a decline or lack of support. Many businesses have been able to maintain customer support whilst all working from home.

Come on Tom Tom...


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    Fixing bugs falls last on TomTom list. Look at the Bluetooth issue, open for ages now.
    Market leaders in navigation, no good.
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    @fergussion It should never be!
    Tom Tom need to up their game for Customer Support.