How to update my map?

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MyConnect knows me...why am I being charged to update my map? It says I haven't been logged on for a while...well, COVID stopped me from travelling the winter I got my cataracts removed, so, no, I haven't driven out of town for a while. Still, lifetime maps is why I bought it. How do I get it to update for free?
Thank you for your help and patience.


  • DJSheridan
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    @Flutterby what device do you have?

    There is a time period if you do not log into your account for a while (I think it is 36 months) then your subscription will stop.

    Apart form the recent log in when was the last time you logged in?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Flutterby
    Welcome to the community! My team has done some changes in our systems. Please try the steps on our support article here-
    to download the maps.

    Regards, Vikram