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TT 550 update

denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 20 [Master Explorer]
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Hi anyone else have to wait a long time for there TT550 to update when powering up at home as you should, for updates from wifi at home speeds sky broadband is @ 50/60 mb/s and at power up TT has on average 2 updates and one speed cams and one maps, as I use each week the updates cant be that big, but each time the updates takes around 45min on average its like it loads the hole Euro maps and Cams every time not just updates ..any help please am i doing something wrong here ??????


  • rider1riderrider1rider Posts: 896 [Revered Pioneer]
    network restrictions can cause delay
  • denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 20 [Master Explorer]
    Hi thanks but Network restrictions Ive never heard of that, I can download a complete film in 3mins, how can it take 45min + minimum to update a map ????????
  • RoadRiderRoadRider Posts: 714 [Revered Pioneer]
    edited June 2
    With 50mbps the almost 9 GB map download takes more than a hour to download.

    With my 400mbps the full map update is about 30 minutes.
  • denbo1400denbo1400 Posts: 20 [Master Explorer]
    but why download the hole map again, i thought it just updates the map, that my point I'm not sure why it dose this some times up date is 10mins then next one can take as you say well over an hour ?????? bit confused
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