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Decide by steering is just stupid, how did this happen?

m4rkwm4rkw Posts: 18 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
Why was the "always take the fastest route" option removed from TomTom Go Mobile? This is a massive step backward. Sure the green lines prompting you to choose a faster route may be useful for some people but the vast majority just want to get where they're going as quickly as possible. Adjusting the route dynamically during a journey was one of the best features of Go and the reason I chose to use it over all the competitors.

What was the rationale for removing this feature? There was no reason to. The "decide by steering" feature could still be added and operate when "let me decide" was selected rather than "always take the fastest route".

As others have noted the green alternative routes often appear at the last minute when it's too late to actually change direction, and can serve to disorient and distract the driver. But fundamentally the whole idea behind this is mind-bogglingly stupid, we have computers that are able to make decisions on the fly and direct the driver to their destination the quickest way possible while adapting to changing traffic conditions. You LITERALLY HAD THIS WORKING. There was no reason to remove it, you've just made your product worse for no reason.


  • Rob19Rob19 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I agree completely. One of the strengths of this app has been its traffic awareness and its ability to change routes on the fly if traffic conditions warranted it. If a faster route became available, you could optionally select it by tapping on the screen and then receive audio guidance to the revised route. However, now with “decide by steering” when a faster route becomes available, if you want to take it you have to follow the new route outlined on the map display WITHOUT the benefit of audio guidance. In the real world, I have found that in heavy traffic or facing a complicated roundabout or intersection (the most likely situations where a route change is warranted), I often cannot safely take my eyes off the road long enough to read the revised map display to figure out the new route with the result that I lose the benefit of bypassing avoidable traffic delays. This is highly unfortunate. They took a great app and broke it. It needs to go back to where it was before the “decide by steering” change so that the driver can optionally decide whether to change the route by tapping on the screen.
  • m4rkwm4rkw Posts: 18 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I can only assume they took away the settings for this in order to simplify the codebase but it feels like a huge step backward.

    Some people want the ability to choose on the fly - this makes sense. But making it necessary to keep scanning the app for green lines and then figuring out how to get to them while driving a motor vehicle is absolutely crazy and in some cases potentially even dangerous. A notification with a simple question where you can tap one or the other half of the screen would be a much safer interface.

    And like me I suspect lots of people just want it to do what it did before - automatically select new routes based on traffic conditions and not bug the driver at all. I went on a long journey at the weekend and was very annoyed that i could see an alternate route that would have saved me 15mins at a point where it was too late to make the turning. I was even more annoyed after half an hour of googling and fiddling with the settings when I eventually realised the option to always take the faster route has been removed.

    I hope TomTom will fix this quickly as deleting useful headline features just seems insane. I can only assume they hired some interns and didn't review the pull request for this very carefully.
  • Rob19Rob19 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    For me, the option to accept or reject each proposed route modification is crucial. For example, as I do most of my driving in a major metropolitan area, if I am driving on a highway late at night I would never accept an offer to exit into an unknown area to save a few minutes. On the other hand, I can see how someone might want the shortest route in all circumstances and not want to be bothered with having to approve each change. Perhaps the best approach for the app would be to let the driver chose one of two options: 1) approve each proposed change by a screen tap and then get audio guidance or 2) automatically reroute without driver action.
  • m4rkwm4rkw Posts: 18 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Yeah that's literally what existed before this silly change was rolled out.

    Under settings there was a section titled "when a faster route is available" and you could select:

    - stay on current route
    - ask the driver
    - always take the fastest route

    They could have left these options in place even with the new functionality but seem to have removed it.
  • wwpnm00wwpnm00 Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    I agree with m4rkw last comment - give us the 3 choices. I resorted to Google Maps this weekend as GO just kept taking me off the motorway to save a minute or two (heavy traffic). Using Google - it announced a faster route and crucially the difference. A saving of a couple of minutes often makes very little sense so I chose to ignore mainly.
    The three choices of -:
    - stay on current route
    - always take the fastest route
    would give us the opportunity to make an informed decision and cater for all of our situations. As previously said - this functionality was already there - please let us have it back as soon as possible.
  • nigelbbbnigelbbb Posts: 55 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    When this feature is reintroduced please could make a plea for an audible warning of a faster route? Only having a popup window indicating a faster route while easier to spot than the current green alternative route still requires the driver keeping an eye on the iPhone screen. A voice warning that a faster route has been found is a far superior way of notifying the driver & drawing attention to the popup window.
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