I want a US only map, NO Canada. My previous map download was US only which is what I still want.

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My previous map was a US map. I dont want or need a map of Canada or Mexico. Do you know longer offer a US only map??


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    I should have clarified...the last USA only map download was in 2019, it was in my Lifetime maps (basically free). I dont want to pay $50 for an update to my USA map when I have the Lifetime maps available. But apparently TomTom doesnt offer just a USA map, only zones with Canada thrown in which is what I dont want. Thanks for the reply, tho, I appreciate the feedback
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    Maybe @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators will pick this up on Monday and if the USA only Map is available for your device, allocate it to your Tomtom Account ???

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    Hi @Froggy51
    Welcome to the community! A single map of US has been activated for your TomTom.
    Please check for updates now!

    Regards, Vikram