How do I download my activities to the hard drive of my computer?

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I want my activties on my harddrive to analyse them. The guideline on page 43 (link below) is not helpful, at least nothing happens when I execute the steps listed there. There is no store button or similar, and Sports Connect never asks me where to store my data, so I am not sure how this should ever work?

Any advice how to download my activities would very welcome!
Thank you, Johannes


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    Those instructions are only to save a file to your computer for new activities, it will not do anything for existing ones on MySports. Once you have it set yup, go forward each time you sync by computer (not by phone app) it will save the file type to your computer. To get your existing activities go into Settings on your account on MySports and then go into Manage My Account and Manage My Data and you can download all of your existing activities in zip files which you can then save to your hard drive.