When will tomtom even reply.

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I have submitted this problem 3 times, being ignored so far.

The 6250 has a problem with BUS only routes & bus gates. know matter what you do, it will alway re-route away to a normal road.

Its marketed as a BUS unit.
GO Professional 6250
Professional sat nav designed for large vehicles.

Updates via Wi-Fi®
Custom truck, coach, van and car routing
Incl. European Map Updates
Traffic and Speed Camera Alerts via built-in SIM
Dedicated truck, van and bus POIs

Will tomtom please take a moment to contact me about my findings, i also have a route that you can work with.


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    Hi @Al-Charles

    It would appear that you are under the impression this Forum is directly linked to Tomtom Support. Whilst hosted by TT it is a forum for Users to help one another with the occasional help from a Mod when possible and is not a direct link to TT Support.

    Maybe one of the Mods can refer this back to Tomtom to see what they have to say. Alternatively you could try using the Customer Support Chat facility to communicate with TT Support directly and raise the issue with them.