TomTom Mazda Navigation System NB1 Update maps and voices

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Hi all, Just got a Mazda CX5 KE 2013 Model, This car uses Mazda Navigation System NB1 which appears to be tom tom related, what i would like to do is upgrade the navigation maps and voices, i have found the memory card but not sure how or what way to go about this, can anyone help in any way, thanks in advance


  • VikramK
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    Hi @au_bear
    Welcome to the community! The device can be updated via the memory card.

    You will need TomTom HOME software application installed on your computer. The latest version can be downloaded from here-

    If you are looking to update the maps then you can order a new map/subscription on our webshop

    See also the voice section

    Regards, Vikram
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    Hi, I have an NB1 SatNav in a 2013 Mazda CX-5, is there a way of getting more computer voices as I only have Serena? I have tried in the TomTom Home application and does not appear to be any more?
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    Tried to update my NB1 (2015 Mazda 6) SD Card using the current version of TomTom Home. I receive the following error message - and inserting & switching device on does not change things: "There are errors on your memory card that cannot be repaired by HOME. To fix these errors, insert your memory card into your navigation device. Switch your device on and wait for it to start up. Turn your device off again. We're sorry but your settings cannot be recovered." BBCode