Maps from Go 5200 more accurate than PND from Go Discover ?!

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As a user of the latest Go Discover series, I am dissatisfied. After the latest 10.70 map update, why do older devices like the Go 5200 now have newer roads than the much-acclaimed NDS maps from Go Discover ?! Weekly changes do not bring NOTHING. Instead of using Go Discover, I went back to Go 5200 ...


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    Well, it is a rather different mapping system with different sources. Some map features are more up to date, some not. POIs on Discover seem more up to date, for example. Definitely, there are differences but I'm hoping the more frequent updates mean better, not worse, maps in the future... eventually.
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    Can you please give some examples of where the GO 5200 is more up to date than the GO Discover, (I also have both)
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    In Poland:



    To authenticate my entry, I send a photo with Go 5200 at the top, below Go Discover and next to TomTom AmiGo. Two roundabouts along Zarecka Street. Guess which device theirs does not have one of them ...

    For me, the most important in navigation are roads, not POIs. Since TomTom praises that it adds weekly POI updates and not maps, it is misleading! Because currently older Go 5200 have newer road data on the map than Go Discover! This is unacceptable!

    TomTom AmiGo online maps ok!
    Why not Go Discover?!