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I have a problem with my TomTom, it is type: TomTom GO BASI EU45 ANWB-Editie. It was bought from the ANWB on May 18, 2021. When I was driving on the A2 near Breukelen at 10:00 on 20 May, the TomTom indicated a maximum permissible speed of 130 km / h, while that trip is really 100 km / h. On Sunday 23 May at 21:00, the TomTom indicated a maximum permitted speed of 130 km / h (that is correct), but a maximum average speed for section control of 100 km / h (which cannot be combined with a max permitted speed of 130 km / h). In short, the speeds which my TomTom displays are not up to date and that is the unreliability. How to fix this. P.s. I think it is very bad in terms of service that you are not available by phone!

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