Device in constant restoration loop

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My device has stopped working properly.

I turn on the device and it comes up with a black image of a computer and a sat nav with crosses on "connecting wire".

I have had a look on the support pages and it has suggested going into recovery mode (Bongo drums, white text etc) and restoring that way. When I plug it in (With the original USB cable), the progress bar appears to complete, the device will reset and restart and the sat nav will then display the black computer/sat nav with wire screen again. MyDrive will then kick in and then attempts to restore it and this cycle will continue until the end of time.

I suspect that there is a software problem, because the device turns on when I press the power button.

I have looked at other support threads, and the first thing others usually suggest is to remove the SD card - there is no (Or ever has been) SD card inserted.

Any help appreciated, because this was an expensive bit of kit that has just gone out of warranty.


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    Hi @Foulish
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    Seems like you are already gone through the standard troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.
    At this point I would suggest that you report the issue to our customer service team.

    Helpful link-

    Regards, Vikram
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    I have the exact same issue as above with the GO 520 Professional. I keep the device well updated (every weekend when I'm at home), and really look after it. Never dropped or damaged in any way. The device was purchased at the beginning of January 2020 from Argos.

    This past week the device has 'self re-booted', a number of times mid-journey (very frustrating when on unfamiliar roads), then on Friday lunch time the device self re-booted then went straight to the above mentioned black 'connect to computer screen'. Once home I connected to the computer and proceeded with the 'restoration' process only for it to permanently remain in the 'restore loop'. It states 100% restored on the MyDrive Connect screen but then the boot-up bar only gets 1/4 of the way up on the next screen before the unit self re-boots yet again and the cycle continues. I cannot remember whether the TomTom warranty is 24 months or 12, but as mentioned above this is an expensive piece of much needed kit that should not falter after only 18 months of use....?

    Typically, this happens over the Bank Holiday weekend where (it would appear), there is not one actual person to speak at TomTom, and I am forced to send an email with a minimum 48 hour turnaround.... Not very helpful when I am back on the road early Tuesday morning! Due to this it would seem that I am going to be forced to purchase another navigational device before receiving any comeback from TomTom and I doubt very much that they will offer to reimburse me for this additional expense or even offer a suitable solution should the device be out of warranty.

    Any help from anyone out there would be greatly appreciated right now thanks.....?

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    I suddenly have the same problem and get stuck, told customer service and waiting for a solution.

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