Address changes when saved as favorite

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This behavior is not new, but has been present in the app for a number of years.

When I search for an address <street name> <number>, I can navigate to this location. No issue.
But when I save the address to my favorites, something strange happens:
- The number is changes or gone (in most addresses).
- In some cases the street name change to an other name (in some addresses).

Months ago TomTom told me that they are aware of this issue and has something to do in the way favorites has been saved (coordinates iso address). If the maps of the app are not aligned with the back end servers/maps the result is that the saved favorites will change.

I like to know when this issue will be solved by TomTom because this is going on for more than 2 years now.
Do others also recognise this problem?

Thanks for the feedback.


  • RobKawa
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    Hi @lampard,

    Do you have any update regarding this issue?
  • abeer888
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    In Sept 2021, we bought a 2022 Subaru Outback fitted with the In Dash Tom Tom Navigator.
    The problem you described is still around. It took a couple of trips to the local Subaru Service Dept to
    prove that there was an issue. I even provided a video. I have entered 18 addresses into FAVORITES menu
    and 14 addresses are wrong (house numbers changed). I have the same question....
    "Do you have any update regarding this issue?"