Problem with Dashboard Mount Disks

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Hi. Over the past few months, I have tried 4 of your "Dashboard Mounting Disks". They stick for a few weeks then fall off. What I have noticed is that over time the suction pad is lifting the centre of the Mounting Disk and giving it a permanent deformation, which results in the adhesive only making contact around the edge of the disk, thus resulting in insufficient adhesion to hold the weight of the satnav and it repeatedly falls off!


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    should stick on flat surface
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    When removing the Mount twist the locking ring to fully unlock the Mount and lift one of the little ears on the Suction cup to release the vacuum/suction....
    In my previous car I had a TomTom Dashboard mounting disc in daily use for 4 years and a 2nd disc in my present car for 2 years.... Never had a problem :)
    As user rider1rider say's, the Dashboard mounting discs should be used on a flat surface....

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