My app on iPhone is saying that both the golf and sport app cannot be updated

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The App’s are both saying the developed needs to update the app to work with new ios update, does anyone know when this will be done


  • tfarabaugh
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    Supposedly it is being worked on but I doubt it will happen. TT Sports went out of business over 3.5 years ago and stopped all development, laying off the entire development staff. The watches are obsolete and out of warranty so I think they are just going to let them die (but that is just my opinion).
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    Just tried to update Quick GPS on my iphone app but greeted with the message that the app needs updating to work with the latest version of IOS. Have managed to update via my laptop but this won't be an option when away on golf breaks.
    I'm aware Tom Tom no longer support the Golfer watch but surely someone can get the app updated.
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    Wow, it sounds shady... I'm not sure I can help you. The only way I can help is to live this link from app development blog on building mobile applications. If you will tryhard, one day you will be able to build the best app and replace another app from the market. Or you always can create an app with bugs, so people will hate you, lol. That's why it's better to hire experienced specialists for the startups :+1:
  • Jürgen
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    The Sports app opens fine for me - iOS 14.7.1
    The Golfer app has been replaced by the Sports app some time ago.
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    i had the same problem but everything resolved after the last update