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Selecting a Home location

EndorphinityEndorphinity Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
Why does one need to search for an address to set it as a home? In case of non-100% coverage for certain regions/countries, it looks pretty strange. For example, my house is located in a former rural area has been developed 5 years ago. The house itself is 3 years old and has a street number. However, TomTom Go maps doesn't know this address and hence to designate a place for my home I was forced to look for geographical coordinates in the Google Maps and paste them into TomTom Go. But even so, it ties the home not to a place, but to known geographical locality. Arrgh.b3kokc6xvhph.jpeg

Please provide an alternate possibility to select a Home or Work address not only via searching for existing addresses but as a "Use Current Location" option.


  • EndorphinityEndorphinity Posts: 12 [Master Explorer]
    Oh, for some reason it didn't work that way for me when I tried it first. Thanks for the prompt answer ;)
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