How to fix addresses in the TomTom database so deliveries can make it to my house?

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Currently 3 houses on my block have the wrong address, so deliveries are not making to my house and deliveries that use geofence technology are not delivered. How can I have those addresses be fixed.

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  • rider1rider
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    use mapshare
  • qqqtrdr
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    Thank you rider1rider.. It turns out that mapshare by itself did not fix the problem... Once you put a new address on a building if it is within close proximity it will not make the change..... I did however put notes on the change on the database, and a request to the TomTom facebook account to investigate and fix, so it is being worked on and looked at... Thanks for brining up mapshare. ( ). Since I don't own a tomtom device it is nice it can be changed on-line. Also it seems the tomtom app on android does not support the mapshare feature.