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Hi I've just purchased a brand new Rider 550. I'm upgrading from my existing Rider 400. My MyDrive account works fine, however I went to "add new product" to my account and followed the steps given. It seems that the device has already been registered to a previous owner as it has their account email address on the screen and just asks me for the password! I'm going to speak to the retailer tomorrow whom I'm sure will swap the device for another one. I tried to reset the device to no avail to see if I could get it working but no luck there! Then all of a sudden MyDrive started to not work, bit disappointed to say the least!! Any ideas here at all?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @willpar
    Welcome to the community!
    Could you try few steps as below-

    1. Disconnect the device from the computer.
    2. Perform a factory reset- Main menu- Settings- System- Reset
    3. Log-in to MyDrive on the device- Main menu Settings- MyDrive
    4. Now connect the device to the computer and open MyDrive Connect.

    Do you see your RIDER 550 listed under your account?

    Regards, Vikram