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6250 Have some questions to ask.

Hi Moderators
My device was sent a few months back for inspection and returned a few days later with the work carried out and a clean bill of health from Tom Tom
I have noticed recently on a few trips its not actually guiding me to the exact address and many times has left me on the wrong side of the road ?
Also i am having a few issues with search, looking for parking or place to eat the results come up Nothing Found ?
Is it possible that it needs tweeking ? the my drive app on my phone is not finding addresses, and i have not had any update on the app or on My Drive
Apart from that everything works brilliantly, just concerned that i am missing something, any help from Moderators would be great.


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 11,908 Moderator
    Have you updated the maps to the latest v10.65?

    If the search on the device is impacted due to a software glitch, then a factory reset should iron this out.

    Main menu- Settings- System- Reset device.

    To avoid losing your stored favorites on the device you can create a back-up using MyDrive..

    See user guide

    Regarding the MyDrive app, have you tried a reinstall already?
    Also ensure that you phone is connected to the internet when you are searching for locations.

    Regards, Vikram
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