marker should point at where you are, not cover your location

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De groene driehoek/pijl op het schermpje geeft je positie aan. Echter NIET met de pijlpunt maar de positie bevindt zich in/onder het midden van de driehoek. Kan TomTom de software asjeblieft zo maken dat de PUNT je positie aangeeft, dan zie je precies waar je bent!!!

The green marker on your screen indicates where you are. However, it is not its front point that is at exactly your position, but that position is covered under the marker triangle. So please, TomTom, change your software to solve this annoyance


  • VikramK
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    Hi @willensw47
    I suppose you are referring to the chevron size. I don't think the size would make a massive difference on the precision of the current location.

    I would still log this as a feedback to be passed on to our Product Team.

    Thanks, Vikram