can someone help me with my device?

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I want to activate my tomtomtom mobile on my tablet, but i can't connect wqith my account
I have it now on my android phone and i want to use it on my samsung tab s6. i logged in, but than it doesn't load my abonnement.

so i can't use it on my tab 6. it is only saying something went wrong and that's it


  • szachowa
    szachowa Administrators, Staff Posts: 491 Staff
    Hi @ron1987 , would it be possible to post here screenshot from you tablet when this issue occurs?

    Are you trying to use TomTom Unlimited subscription with the app, or you have Google Play subscription available on you Android phone?
  • szachowa
    szachowa Administrators, Staff Posts: 491 Staff
    According to my knowledge, we will show Something went wrong screen, when you try to use the app on a phone with no google account added. Probably you free trial ended on you Tab S6 device, and we want to read available google play subscriptions, but we can't do that, since there is no google account added.

    If this is the case, please add on your Tab S6 device the same google account you are using on your mobile phone. That way you should be able to share the same subscription between 2 devices.