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World maps missing

Purchased a GO 520 from Amazon AU, marketed with world maps... only has Europe maps installed. how can I download "world maps" that include Australian maps as well


  • fgnagy_nagyfgnagy_nagy Posts: 11 [New Seeker]
    When i click on add a map, it does not give me a choice of maps, only available space on device...
  • fgnagy_nagyfgnagy_nagy Posts: 11 [New Seeker]
    Amazon AU recommends I return the unit....I've been using TomTom for a long time and I like it...As a matter fact I have another exactly the same model with world maps and it s fantastic ..
  • fgnagy_nagyfgnagy_nagy Posts: 11 [New Seeker]
    I've tried to contact support trough this link just loops around takes me nowhere... can I have an email address or a phone number so I can contact TomTom aus support
  • fgnagy_nagyfgnagy_nagy Posts: 11 [New Seeker]
    It/s been fixed thank you...
  • LochfrassLochfrass Posts: 14,979
    .......It just loops around takes me nowhere...

    Some other user report somtimes the same.
    Mostly it helps to open the "Contact" link with rightclick in a Private Mode / Inkoknito Mode. It seems that sometimes cookies blocking the Support link. So another Browser or the Private Mode /Inkoknito Mode shoult help,

    Of course not userfriendly from TomTom :s
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