OV2 File import to the TomTom GO Discover

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How do I import an existing OV2 point of interest file to the GO Discover. If I try this online with the MyDrive website it allows me to upload the OV2 file, but it does not appear on my device. It specifically details on website that "synch of POI files is not supported on GO discover" surely there must be a way to synch directly????


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    Sorry... The facility to import .Ov2 POI files is NOT yet available for the GO Discover....

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    Has there been any progression facilitating the transfer of OV2 POI files from older TomToms to to the new GO Discovers. Disappointing this was not sorted before launching the new models. I have a large number I would like to move to my new TomTom.

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    Nothing has changed.
    Own Poi are still not possible on the go Discover or Go Expert.
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    Seems that the TomTom analyst did not think that this was an important feature
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    looks like i'll be returning the expensive new unit and buying much cheaper that still supports this feature