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I have followed the "user manuals" link from the web page of this forum and located the manual for "TomTom GO Navigation User Manual" which is located at GO Global Android v1.0-en-gb.pdf

The question I have is - which specific version of the app is this manual for? There is no version number on either the title page, nor as far as I can see anywhere else in the document. I suspect that it is for v2.x of this app as the copyright notice on the last page refers to 1992-2020, although the address of the web page refers to v1.0.

Since v3.0 of this app is now available - I downloaded it from the Paly Store last week - and its now May 2021 can you ask the writers of the manual to at least include the main version number of the app which it relates to in order to avoid confusion? It would also be very helpfui if the actual publication date of the document could be included so that everyone could tell whether they had the latest version.



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    Thanks @Springs , I will discuss this with our support team and I will get back to you.
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    Hi Szachowa
    It's almost 2 months since your original reply to my post and there's still no update - what do the suppport team have to say about the manuals?

    In the yellow "user manuals" box on each of these forum pages, I seached for "android go navigation" and this listed another manual for TomTom Go on Android located at

    This means that there are 2 different online manuals for the TomTom Go Navigation app for Android - confusing for everyone. Like my original question, there isn't any indication of which version of the app this manual is for either, although the copyright notice is dated 2016 - would a 5-year old Android app still be working?

    I think that the support team should probably do some housekeeping - either to delete manuals for unsupported versions of the Android apps or at least to clearly identify which version of the apps they relate to.

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    Does anyone have an update on identifying which version of the app the online manuals are supposed to be for?

    Or even a ballpark ETA for when a manual for the current version (or even a recent version) of the TomTom GO Navigation app for Android will appear?

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    Is there a user guide for TT Go for android Auto, I am struggling with a few functions.

    1. Creating an itinerary (Trip with multiple stops)
    2. Saving current location in my places.

    Any help appreciated.

    Kind Regards
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    I also would like to see a guide for TT Go for Android Auto so that I don't miss any tricks with respect to navigating to destinations by voice.