How can I update my Tom Toms?

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How can I update my Tom Toms. I have a fleet of vehicles each equipped with a TOMTOM GO 520 with Wi-Fi (Essential) Model Name 4PN50. I have reinstalled the software and rebooted them but three of them will not allow me to update them. I have tried to contact TomTom but they no longer provide telephone support and when I use their chat feature I get a message stating that no one is available. I have E-mailed TomTom numerous times over the last two days and all they say is that they will get someone to contact me. I really do not think that i should have to wait over two days to get this issue resolved. Anyone got any suggestions as either how to get a response from TomTom or resolve the update issue.


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    Are the three devices displaying an error message... If 'Yes' What is the error message ???

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    Hi @OWLIE185

    Further to @YamFazMan ’s post are all of your units allocated to the same account and if so how many units are you using the same account on.