Rider 500 + Midland BTX1 PRO + smartphone android 11

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Hi guys, which is the best link configuration related to these devices? I know there are two kinds of connections, depending on the number of BT channels of the headset. I suppose BTX1 PRO has only one. So I connected the rider to midland and the rider to the phone via MyDrive app. Unfortunately, the voice of the Rider doesn't work, specifically sometimes it works and sometimes not. It happens it starts and suddenly dies or it doesn't work from the beginning and suddenly appears after a long time!
Furthermore, the phone icon at the right bottom corner of the rider display activates Google assistant if the phone display is unlocked only!
If a phone call arrives there is no possibility to accept or refuse it (maybe is this normal due to the previously described connection? if there is only one bt channel you can listen to the GPS or the phone, not both).
Thanks in advance for any kind replies...