Jeep Renegade / Uconnnect: Can I link my existing TomTom MyDrive account with the built in navi?

Maki1979 Registered Users Posts: 1
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I'd like to link my built in Uconnect-TomTom in the Jeep Renegade with my existing account, so I'd be able to use exisiting routes. Is it possible at all?


  • lampard
    lampard Retired TomTom Employee Posts: 6,075 Retired Community Moderators and Admins
    Hi @Maki1979

    Welcome to the Community! Uconnect uses TomTom HOME so yes, you can log in with your existing TomTom account to log in and update the maps.

    You won't be able to sync your existing routes on MyDrive to Uconnect since HOME doesn't support this.

    Best, lampard