How do I transfer data from Golf App to Sports App

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My computer has TomTom Sports Connect v3.3.9 installed. I can connect my TomTom2 Golf watch to this and update it without a problem. I have downloaded the TomTom Sports App (as I have been informed that the Golf App is no longer supported) from the Apple Store. When I open up the App on my iPhone (iOS 14.5.1), it states that it needs to transfer my account and device settings “ from the Golf App. However, when I select either “Transfer” or, “I’ll do it myself”, I get the message on the App that states the “Golfer needs to be updated”. I cannot progress further with the Sports App because of this. Can you please offer me a resolution of the problem regarding the transfer of data from the old Golf App to the Sports App please?


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    Hi @Albert58

    Welcome to the Community! You need to connect your watch to the PC/laptop and update it using the Sports Connect app. Either it might be a software update for the watch or updates for all recent/nearby golf courses.

    Regards, lampard
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    Hi Lampard and thank you for the email. Unfortunately, your post doesn't address my issue. I can update my watch from my laptop without any issues. The problem I have is that:
    a. I cannot access the Golf app from my iPhone7 (iOS 14.5.1) anymore because the App is no longer supported by TomTom. Unfortunately, I only found this out after contacting TomTom when I encountered the issue.
    b. I have downloaded the TomTom Sports App to my phone, as recommended by TomTom. However, when I try to open the Sports App, it states that it first needs to transfer my data and account from the Golfer App (see the screenshot below). When I select either "Transfer" or "I'll do it myself" I then get a message that the Golfer App needs to be updated by the developer [I am assuming that this is TomTom?] (see second screenshot).

    Therefore, as far as I can work out, unless TomTom update the Golfer App one last time so that I can access it to transfer my account details and data, I am stumped! Not a satisfactory situation in my opinion.

    Hope you, or someone, can offer up a solution to this!