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Why is help.tomtom.com inaccessible?

rsbruxrsbrux Posts: 31 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
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If I try to read an article or find a download or anything else, I get redirected to the forum. Even if I enter help.tomtom.com in the address bar of my browser (Firefox 88.0.1 under Windows 10 Pro x64), the help site shows only briefly, then it is redirected to discussions.tomtom.com


  • Willy875Willy875 Posts: 1,201 [Revered Pioneer]
    Delete cookies or change browser.
  • rsbruxrsbrux Posts: 31 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Why should I have to do that? Can't TomTom provide a website that works like others do?
  • Willy875Willy875 Posts: 1,201 [Revered Pioneer]
    This is a solution that I give you, you can also contact Tomtom support directly.
  • rsbruxrsbrux Posts: 31 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Sorry! Please don't take it personally; I was just venting my frustration. Things seem to work as expected if I log out of the forums. Not ideal, but less drastic than deleting cookies or using a different browser.
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