2120 Subaru not saving destination name

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I cant believe how hard this has become. first I have updated all code - Maps. etc. in my 2021 forester. I have tried all sorts of ways to enter a address and save it. but it drops the name, so all we have is a street address and after many of them, have no idea what it is. I also have added them to my favorites in the "mysubaru app" looks good there, but when I send it to the Forester.. no name appears. When saving to favorites. We had a dash mounted Garmin Novi GPS in our Rav4.. Loved it. as we had over 50 destinations there, and very intuitive. Even called Subaru support on how to copy over the Garmin site file to the OV2 Subaru, they had NO idea what i was talking about. In fact they had NO idea on how to save a destination.. useless Subaru support. about to just either use the Google off the smart phones, or used my Garmin.. arggg Any ideas on how to get the site name to show.. when we enter a new address, so we can name it ?????