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Back in March I purchased Go Professional 6250 Truck device and had problems that I posted on here, I sent this device back for a refund.
After a few months I thought I would repurchase this same Go Professional 6250 Truck device surely I can not get a second one that turns its self off and back on around 15/20 times in an 8 hour day.
How wrong was I this new device is doing the exact same thing straight from the box.
The reason I made the first purchase was my old Go 6200 started to restart and stick when trying to input post codes and this is exactly what the 2 brand new devices are doing.

This is very strange I am starting to think it has some thing to do with the latest software or the UK map update, my old device was running fine until the latest update.

Is there any one experiencing there device just goes to a black screen then restarts, problems when trying to input postcode freezing ?

TomTom just seem to put it down to faulty device and do not want to listen to the fact I have now had 2 brand new devices and 1 old device all doing the same thing.


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    Try logging out of your Wi-Fi....
    I find the Wi-Fi devices are more stable and more responsive in general use when you 'Forget' the Wi-Fi connection

    (You can't actually log out you can only 'Forget' the connection)
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your Connected Wi-Fi
    Tap (Modify) Icon
    Tap (Forget) Icon
    Tap (^) Icon Screen top right
    To verify the Wi-Fi is OFF Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) screen top right Wi-Fi logo with an 'X'

    To Reconnect to Wi-Fi.... For Updating etc....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Wi-Fi
    Tap on your chosen Wi-Fi
    Enter your Wi-Fi Password
    Tap Done
    Tap Connect

    Unless you're using a personal My-Fi Hotspot in the car for your data connection, the only other reason for a live Wi-Fi connection is for updating the device... I turn off (Forget) Wi-Fi by default and only login for updates
    It's no big deal for updates, you only have to enter your Wi-Fi password....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    My does this some times. Way have got around it. I make sure previous route is cleared+delete history after 5 routes used+shut down properly. Seems to help me???
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    Not sure if it has been suggested, but as you have had 3 products all exhibiting similar issues it could be worthwhile checking that you are using the Tomtom charger cable plugged directly into the Cigarette Lighter socket in your vehicle and not into a USB power socket supply as some of these may not supply enough power as the current range of Tomtom's are power hungry . The Tomtom supplied Power Adapter is rated at 5 Volts 1.2Amps and most but not all USB sockets only supply 0.5 amps and using these can cause various issues. :)
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    If you do not really use the 'Keep route history' you can turn the feature off....
    Check... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Setting --> System --> Your information & privacy... 'Keep route history' Turn off....

    Stay safe... ATB YFM
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    My device has not been connected to wifi when it has this issue, I hav even factory reset and then not added any wifi and they still do it.

    Always connect to a full always on 12 volt socket using only tomtom lead and charging plug, actually tried multiple different tom tom leads never use USB port.

    There would be no history in the device when it has just been delivered direct from Tom Tom and used for the first time and the problem is there straight out of the box.
    Also there would be no history after doing a factory reset which has been carried out.