2G Closure in UK 2025 how to connect to traffic services tomtom

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What is going to happen to all those people who have purchased a device with a sim card installed when the 2G/3G networks get shut down ?
I live in the UK and in 2025 the 2G/3G networks will be shut down leaving me with 3 devices one I recently purchased 6250 Truck navigation that will not be able to receive live traffic via the built in sim card.
One of the main reasons for purchasing a device with this feature.
Why are TomTom still pushing these devices out knowing they will not work as they should in 4 years ?
Are TomTom saying 4 years for an item that costs £400 is the life time of the device ?


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    Hello, you would receive traffic information if you connect your GPS in Bluetooth to your smartphone.
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    @MrTD - do you have a source for this? First time I've heard of a 2G shutdown in 2025 (only the PSTN network).
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    I am aware if I connect to my phones I can use it but that snot the point of buying a device that cost more because it came with a sim installed.

    Just google it,In Europe, major networks such as Vodafone have announced their intention to not support 3G networks across Europe beyond 2020 whilst retaining support for 2G only until 2025. This is the situation in the UK, where the 3G sunset is expected to happen in the next 2-3 years but the 2G sunset is unlikely to occur before the mid-2020s. Sunset dates and announcements are changing frequently
    There are 2 factors that could delay the switch off and that is the government roll out of smart meters which use 2G but they could be update to 4G models before there end of life.
    And the other is eCall system, which instantly connects vehicles to emergency services in the event of an accident.
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    The TomToms with a built-in data connection make use of the 2G network, not 3G.

    I've not checked the plans for networks in Europe, but certainly in the UK there are no plans to shut down 2G in 2025 due to so many dependencies on it. As you say yourself - 'the 2G sunset is unlikely to occur before the mid-2020s'.

    So to summarise, in the UK there's no risk to losing the data feed coming from the TomTom's built-in SIM for several years yet (which means beyond 2025).
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    The UK Spectrum Policy Forum says any switch off of 2G networks should be carefully planned and might not take place until the 2030s
    End Quote....
    Here... https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/2g-may-not-be-switched-off-in-the-uk-for-another-decade

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