Incorrect avoidance of toll roads with caravan profile

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On the website, this route doesn't have any toll roads:,5.90697,10.48,0,-0+routes={"departure":true,"traffic":true,"routeType":"FASTEST","travelMode":"CAR_WITH_CARAVAN","vehicleParams":{"maxSpeed":80,"hazmat":[]},"points":["hw~52.46652,6.04262~A~Hessenweg, 8051 Hattem Gelderland, NLD","hw~52.29278,6.01732~A~Geerstraat 29, 8171 LH Vaassen Gelderland, NLD"],"avoidCriteria":[]}+ver=3. But when selecting the profile ‘Car with caravan’, and setting the settings to avoid toll roads, the route planned doesn't take the highway anymore, and routes over 80 km/h B-roads instead. It mentions that the route included toll roads, but this is not true. It seems to be an issue only when selecting this ‘Car with caravan’ profile, the other profiles just take the main highway as it should do. Above I only mentioned one example, but this is reproducible everywhere. It seems like it considers highways as toll roads when selecting the ‘Car with caravan’ profile. This is very wrong.

Also mentioned by a production user here (Dutch forum):


  • VikramK
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    Thanks, @Megalos
    Let me have this one reviewed by someone from the MyDrive team.
    Sounds like a route selection bug on the MyDrive website so I have moved the topic to MyDrive web.

    Regards, Vikram
  • Megalos
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    Thanks Vikram. Did you manage to get any feedback yet?