TomTom Go CarPlay: UI issues

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While the devs look at the iOS 14.5 CarPlay Dashboard issue, maybe they can have a look at some CarPlay UI issues as well? ;)

The label for recent destinations in the German locale ("Letzte Ziele") in the menu screen is still truncated for me when using TTG with iOS 14.x (interestingly, it is fine in iOS 13.x). This might be a matter of mere pixels as the ellipsis (…) is almost as wide as the two letters it replaces. As this appears to be an issue stemming from different padding/margins in the CarPlay view in iOS 14 vs. iOS 13, have you considered two-line labels?


The selected state of the map movement icons has transparent glyphs (˄N, plus, minus etc.). This can lead to cases where the map background blends in with the transparent "cutout" of the button, rendering them barely recognisable.


For me (Germany, again), line-break in the direction text sometimes produces single letters on a new line, even if there appears to be enough space. In the screenshot, "Landesmuseum" should be a continuous word.


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  • lampard
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    Hi @Gummibando

    Thank you for flagging this! I've now forwarded this to the product team, will let you know when there's an update.

    Best, lampard