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Runner 3 - Runs Not Appearing in File Explorer

stuartxstuartx Posts: 28 [Master Explorer]
Recently my runs have stopped appearing in the normal dated folders location in File Explorer. I am connecting the watch to my PC via USB. There is an error message in Sports Connect saying it couldn't sync my activities. I do see files in the serial number folder, one for each day since the full sync stopped working.

Is there any way to get these past runs into the correct folder and stop this happening in future?


  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,679
    Has your computer updated recently, perhaps there is a setting blocking it? Check any firewall or antivirus is turned off before docking the watch and you might want to try it on another computer to determine if it is the computer or the watch.
  • stuartxstuartx Posts: 28 [Master Explorer]
    I tried it on another laptop and got the same problem
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