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Ian1965Ian1965 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
Hi, I've moved to the Go app on the iPhone after using a Go 5000 sat nav for some years.
My issue is the way the planned routes update whilst travelling. Last week I was turning left at a junction when suddenly a green blob appeared, with a green line, advising me to go straight on as this was quicker. I have two problems with this:-

1. The alert was far to late for me to do anything about the notification. As I said earlier, I was actually turning as originally advised and had no way of changing route.
2. Why is the routing not updated automatically in real time so avoiding the late change in the best route for me?
3. If the 'green blob' must remain far more notice is required for a potential reroute.

My Go5000 had a setting which enabled me to either switch this similar function off or alternatively ensure that the routes were automatically updated 'in flight' with no last minutes changes.
I cannot find a similar setting in the iPhone app - I have set route planning to 'Fastest Route' but this has not prevented the green dot appearing mid journey. Does anyone have any idea how to stop this?


  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,314 Moderator
    Hi @Ian1965

    Sorry about the late response! I think you're referring to 'decide by steering' functionality. So now you see a green faster route proposed and you simply drive that way to take the faster route. The GO app shows (in a different color) a possible upcoming alternative without you're asking for one, and then if you start driving on it, it will activate that alternative. You can choose it just by driving there or not by continuing on the current route so there is no direct interaction with the app.
    The alert was far to late for me to do anything about the notification. As I said earlier, I was actually turning as originally advised and had no way of changing route
    Is there a delay every time or it happens at particular locations like roundabout?

    Best, lampard
  • Ian1965Ian1965 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the scenario I am describing.
    The problem seems to be that the alternative route offered is usually offered at the last minute. As an example, I was in the Peak District last weekend - if you are not familiar with the area there are lots of bending windy roads with lots of hidden roads and junctions. I was literally at the road junction to go straight ahead as directed when the app changed it's mind to turn left. There was no advance warning, the route changed was offered 'now'. The road was too narrow, and the traffic too heavy, to make the route change.
    As I have the fastest route option selected, I would expect the app to change the route automatically, without offering me a choice. However, if it can't do this, advance notice of a possible route change is required about half a mile ahead.
  • Rob19Rob19 Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
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    I have what looks like a related mid route planning issue. I do most of my driving in a congested metropolitan area where there are multiple combinations of roads to take on any trip. I have been using the Go app via CarPlay for almost two years because I have found it best at identifying the constantly changing road conditions and making mid route changes to keep me on the fastest route. Prior to the “decide by steering“ change I would be notified of a proposed change and could tap on the screen to accept it and be guided via audio to the revised route.
    Several times since the change, when approaching a complex intersection in heavy traffic, I would hear a tone and see a proposed new route in green. However, in the absence of audio guidance to the revised shorter route, there was no way I could safely take my eyes off the road long enough to study the display to figure out what to do to “decide by steering” to the new shorter route. I had no choice other than to stay on the original now non optimal route. For me, this change has been a massive step backwards and undercuts the rationale for paying for this app when there are so many highly usable free alternatives.

    Perhaps I have missed something or have a wrong setting and someone can correct me. Otherwise I am asking Tomtom to at least provide a user option to go back to the prior way of handling midtrip updates.

    This discussion was created from comments split from: Alternative Route appears but it is not chosen on TomTom Go app (Car Play).
  • lampardlampard Posts: 5,314 Moderator
    edited May 10
    Thank you @Ian1965 for the details. We're aware of the delay in showing up the alternate routes and working on improving this in future updates.

    Best, lampard
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