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Due to the fact that there is no folder structure to organise MyRoutes, I find myself un-syncing routes in MyDrive to reduce the list length in my Rider550. I want to keep the routes but don't need them at the moment in my Rider. When I look at the list of routes in MyDrive it's not easy to see which have been synced to device and which have not. Would it be possible to have a small icon (tick or filled circle) next to each route name, coloured green if synced and red if not. This way it would be easy to see which have been synced and so are on my device and which are not. Just wish there was a folder structure.


  • Niall
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    The lack of a structure is also relavent if you take a device on regular holidays on different continents, e.g. I have family in Australia, Lithuania, UK, and US: and I live in France. Thus the list f routes/favorites gets very cluttered.
    I know I could add a prefix to each so that they are grouped together, but that is an ugly work around.